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November 2019

New version of the of the macroinvertebrate module available


June 2019

An online data entry form is now available with the tool of the macrophyte module to facilitate data entry.


April 2019

Electronic tool for the macrophyte module also available in French

The electronic tool for the macrophyte module is now available in French


July 2018

Electronic tool for the macrophyte module available

The electronic tool for the macrophyte module is now available


June 2018

Updated list of taxa for the Diatoms module

An updated list of taxa for determination of species D- and G- values for the diatom module is available.


March 2018

Method draft for macrophyte module published

The draft module for macrophyte assessment „Makrophyten – Stufe F (flächendeckend) und Stufe S (systembezogen)“) provides an assessment procedure for this important biological quality element. The method applies a river typology, and allows rapid data acquisition and macrophyte community assessment in wadable streams and rivers. For further information see here.


November 2017

Development of the module water chemistry, organic micropollutants started

A module “Water chemistry, organic micropollutants“ for sampling an assessment of organic micropollutants in running waters is under development. For background and further information please see here.


October 2017

Reports on bioassays for surface water assessment available

After finalizing the work on the Ecotoxicology module two expert reports on integrated water quality assessment with bioassays have been published. Further information can be found here.


July 2017

Experience report on river temperature assessment available

After a testing phase of several years, the temperature regime assessment method proposed by the experts' report was been classified not feasible. The method will be not further developed into into an official module. Further information, a report on the experiences of the test-phase and valuable further advise can be found here.


January 2017

New module for lake-shore ecomorphology assessment

The new method for the assessment of the ecomorphological status of lake-shores in Switzerland has been published. Please download the German publication here.

Please note, that publications are available only in German and/or French



Modul Makrophyten

  • Methodenbeschrieb Stufe F und S [PDF]

Lake-shore morphology assessment module

  • Publication [PDF]