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Ecomorphology Level S

The modular stepwise procedure for surveying and evaluating watercourses comprises survey methods with three levels of intensity covering the areas of hydrodynamics and morphology, biology, and chemical and toxic effects.

The Ecomorphology Level II method (system scale) supplements Ecomorphology Level I (regional), which has been applied to Swiss watercourses since 1998. The Level II method is used to analyse the ecomorphological deficits of selected watercourses on the basis of the data from Level I and additional data and from them to draw up development goals and rehabilitation measures for the rivers. The result of Level II is a reproducible plan of measures setting priorities for the ecological rehabilitation of watercourses.




revitalized Moesa at Grono,
Photo: Werner Göggel

Modul Ökomorphologie
  • Entwurf Stufe S, Version 2006 [1.7 MB]
Module Écomorphologi
  • Projet niveau C, Version 2006 [1.8 MB]
  • Aufwertungen in Fliessgewässern planen:
    Die Methode  "Ökomorphologie Stufe S" [0.3 MB]